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When to consider upgrading your elevator?

It's not performing too well anymore/is out of use a lot

It's not giving a smooth ride

It lands unevenly on floors

Doors don’t operate on the best level

Signalization is worn out

KONE MonoSpace® Upgrade packages

Here is the good news: upgrading is not a massive project at all, but a straight forward job, done quickly, with minimized disturbance.


Electrification upgrade


  • Maximum reliability, improved diagnostics and faster fault finding
  • Maximum performance, improved ride comfort, and accurate leveling
  • Safe operation through continuous monitoring
  • Reduced energy consumption Eco-efficient performance improved significantly

Signalization upgrade


  • Compliance with the EN81-70 accessibility code
  • A wide range of visually appealing designs
  • Reliable operation

Car Door operator upgrade


  • Improved reliability
  • Better performance and traffic handling
  • Improved door safety

Car upgrade


  • Improved eco-efficiency
  • Long-life, energy efficient LED lighting
  • Voice announcer system provides clear guidance for the visually impaired
  • Voice link two-way emergency communication
  • Improved ride comfort; reduced noise & vibration

Machinery upgrade


  • Reduced elevator brake noise
  • Elimination of uncontrolled movement and ascending overspeed

How the upgrades get done?

Tools and downloads

Not sure what make your elevator is?

If you are unsure what kind of elevator you have in your building, no worries! KONE offers upgrade packages for nearly all kinds of elevators.


Got interested?

Contact KONE for no-obligation site visit and we'll have a closer look at your KONE MonoSpace's situation.


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